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How to Nudge Your Child Towards a STEM Career

Educationally, a STEM path is highly desired by parents because, generally speaking, it offers good opportunities in future life. Students in STEM fields tend to have higher salaries and greater professional opportunities. STEM education also fosters…

Career Paths in the Arts You May Not Have Thought Of

When young people think about careers in the arts, they tend to emphasize content creation: artists, actors, musicians, writers and so on. Creators are, of course, the backbone of the arts world, and of course without artists we wouldn’t have a…

Career Paths in the Arts You May Not Have Thought Of

When young people think about careers in the arts, they tend to emphasize content creation: artists, actors, musicians, writers and so on. Creators are, of course, the backbone of the arts world, and of course without artists we wouldn’t have all the amazing content that brings so much joy to so many people. The truth is, however, any student choosing a career path in creative fields will face significant challenges. Once out of school, creative professionals will face a great deal of competition, as it can be so risky taking a chance on someone new. The truth is, the image of the “starving artist” has a real grounding in truth. There is, however, good news: there are a great many arts-related careers that may not occur to creative youngsters yet which offer interesting career options. Here are some.



Film school, arts school, design school, music school … there are a great many places for artists to learn their trade, with classes taught by trained professionals. Teaching can be a useful source of income for creatives, and chances are there’s at least one arts-related school in your community.

In addition, there are often teaching opportunities in public schools and colleges, though you will almost certainly need a strong portfolio of work to prove your skill level. Public schools will also probably require a teaching certificate. However, many artists simply put up posters in their neighborhood and charge by the hour.


Business management

Some artists act as if talking about the business side of the arts is somehow crass, but real professionals know that business is the backbone of creativity — after all, you can’t say “arts business” without “business.” Amazingly, a great many artists not only treat business as completely separate from their creative efforts, but they often struggle to master its intricacies.

Successful musicians have managers, producers and record labels; actors and film directors work for production companies and studios; authors still rely on publishers. These are the people who actually carry out the producing and selling of creative works, who negotiate business deals,sign new artists and much more. Chances are, they also have careers that are more stable and predictable than those of the creators they manage.

An artist who has a strong understanding of business practices will definitely have more career opportunities.



The arts business depends on marketing. If you imagine the massive budget of a Hollywood superhero movie, it’s standard practice to spend as much (or more) on marketing as it cost to make the movie itself. No creative endeavor is complete without a marketing strategy, and that’s where marketing professionals come in, getting the word out about the album, novel, movie (or whatever) created by their artists.

These days, a huge part of marketing is digital, employing search engines, email and other online technologies to reach potential audiences. Of particular importance is social media marketing — using things like Facebook and Instagram to promote and connect. Lots of marketers come from arts backgrounds, but a solid background in digital technology will be a great help in advancing your career.


Talent management

Musicians have agents. So do writers, actors and more. An agent’s job is to find work for their clients and represent them in negotiations, taking a percentage of the artist’s earnings as a fee. Agents are go-getters; they’re constantly out there, advocating for their clients. After all, that’s how they earn their living. Agents are usually confident, strong and sociable. They get a fair amount of rejection, and often have to encourage their clients.

Being an agent can actually be a lot of fun. If you love the arts, you’ll find that few people are as deeply enmeshed in the arts world as agents — they know everybody.


Behind the scenes

Most forms of art involve a group effort to some degree. Film and television sets are perhaps the most obvious example, with crew members handling lights, cameras, sets, props, sound and so on. If you think about it, though, you can probably imagine similar situations for many creative fields. Writing is a solo effort, but publishing requires editors, designers and printers, music requires studio technicians and concert crews, actors need makeup artists — well, you get the idea.

Many of these “support” jobs are creative fields in their own right, and while they’re unlikely to gain the kind of fame we tend to associate with artistic success, they can still have solid, stable and rewarding careers.

Celebrating our incredible tutors for National Tutoring Week

At Tutor Doctor we’re committed to helping our students achieve their academic potential, whether that’s getting the grades needed to attend the college of their dreams or increasing their confidence in class. Simply put, making a difference is at the very heart of what we do.

This could not be achieved without our incredible tutors. Every day our tutors are making a profound difference in the lives of our families, in our communities and our organization, and we are extremely proud of the work they do!

This week is National Tutoring Week, so we wanted to share some incredible stories about how our tutors are making a difference across the globe.

 “When we first came on board we were very happy with our first tutor Ashley and were very disappointed that she found a new job that would not allow her to tutor anymore. Jenny enjoyed Ashley as she was young and the connection was wonderful. After speaking with the Tutor Doctor staff, they assured me that they would match Jenny with another great tutor. Enter Cami. She had an immediate love for my little girl. It was special from the beginning like a mother-daughter relationship. This means so much to me since Jenny lost her mother in June 2015. Cami will go by Starbucks before coming by every Thursday evening. They relax and talk for a bit before getting busy with homework. Cami took Jenny shopping on a Saturday for making the A/B honor roll. Not because she felt she had to but because she LOVED being with Jenny. Jenny has been on a very good trajectory on her grades which is now above a 3.0 (proud daddy)! I am very thankful for Tutor Doctor and especially proud to call Cami our friend. I give the highest marks to both Tutor Doctor and our Cami. She is much more than just a tutor.”

  • Tutor: Cami, Florida USA, Tutor of the Year 2017 winner

“Cath is incredible! Our daughter was nearly two years behind and lacked a huge amount of confidence. Cath has really understood our daughter and brought out her confidence and ability to perform in school. Before, our daughter would not have raised her hand, whereas now, she always tries her best as doesn’t worry about getting things wrong. She even showed some of her class mates various games and helping them with their maths!! She recently got an award from the head mistress for her hard work at maths and I have never seen her so happy! We send the reports to school and the school and tutor work well together. We will be staying with our tutor until the end of secondary (if we can!) as they have such a fantastic bond. I always hear them chuckling and having fun. Our daughter absolutely loves maths now and wants to do more and more. Thank you Cath.”

  • Tutor: Cath, London UK

“Stan has been my son’s tutor for most of this school year and we feel so lucky to have him. He makes learning a fun and positive experience for Brody and always encourages and motivates him to do his best. Stan has made a great impact on Brody’s academic success, by providing tools and strategies to help overcome his learning challenges. Thank you, Stan, for all you’ve done!”

  • Tutor: Stan, Texas USA

“Within a short amount of time Marilyn has taken my son leaps and bounds. My son struggles with learning issues but Marilyn seems to connect with him using multiple strategies and activities. She keeps trying until she finds a meaningful way to help him to connect with the learning. He now looks forward to his tutoring sessions and has started to really see the pay offs in his classroom. Her former experience as a teacher and psychologist has made a world of difference as she understands my son from different perspectives and can anticipate where he may find challenges as a new learner. My son’s teacher has also noticed these huge gains since he started with a tutor in January. Marilyn is also very flexible, being able to change her time and location to best suit our family needs. We could have never imagined that our son would have benefited so much from Marilyn’s support and we hope that her dedication to her students can be recognized as she goes above and beyond every session to ensure our child and our family has success with whatever topic she is tackling with us.”

  • Tutor: Marilyn, Alberta Canada

“We decided to get a tutor for our Year 2 daughter because she had lost her confidence at school. We aren’t pushing parents and weren’t looking for academic brilliance – we wanted our daughter to feel happy and enjoy learning, reading and writing. She was getting caught in a catch 22 of losing confidence, not trying, falling behind and losing more confidence. Soizic spends an hour with her after school on a Friday – and my daughter adores her. She loves the games they play, the books they read and the writing they do together. Soizic has given her the attention and encouragement my daughter needed. She’s reading more fluently and enjoying books for her age group and new worlds opening up for her. Soizic arriving is always met with cheers from my daughter – she’s kind, patient, encouraging and imaginative tutor – we really lucked out getting matched with her.”

  • Tutor: Soizic, Cambridge, UK

5 Ways A Tutor Can Help Students With Exceptionalities

A skilled tutor can really make a difference in a young person’s life. Indeed that urge to help is the prime motivator in why most educators do what they do. There really is no feeling quite like watching a struggling student achieve a level of…

Portrait Of an Extraordinary Student Artist

In many ways, Cliffanie Forrester is an ordinary teen. A native of New York, she was born just before the turn of the century. She has an active social life, posting images of herself and her friends on social media.While still in her sophomore year …

Four Amazing Students From Across America

Some people are just amazing. They stand out, achieving things that can be simply hard to believe. It can induce envy in some people, but perhaps the best reaction is old-fashioned wonder. After all, the human race is the better for their awesomeness. Here are just five amazing young people.

Andreas Pavlou, Sewanhaka High School, Elmont, New York

Andreas, from a low-income family, edited his high school newspaper and was president of the student council. While still a young man his father passed away prematurely, leaving Andreas to help support his family.

One summer while still in high school, Andreas had an opportunity to conduct cancer research. As part of his work, he made new discoveries relating to breast cancer, including a very promising combination of gene therapy and drug treatment.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, he won the very prestigious Questbridge scholarship, which got him a full ride to college.

Shree Bose, Fort Worth Country Day High School, Fort Worth, Texas

Ms. Bose is another teen who, moved by the suffering of a loved one at the hands of cancer (in this case a grandfather), engaged in advanced research in an effort to find a cure. She asked every research center in her area to let her work but no one took her seriously — except for the North Texas Science Health Center, which agreed to give her access to their labs plus mentoring.

She focused on the chemotherapy drug Cisplatin, and discovered that inhibiting a specific protein allowed the drug to be much more effective in killing cancer cells. She says, “For the over 240,000 patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer, this research will hopefully be able to reduce the recurrence rates in patients treated with particular chemotherapy drugs in the future.”

Thanks to her work, Ms. Bose won numerous science prizes, scored an internship at the National Institutes of Health and was accepted into Harvard.

Athena Kan, River Hill High School, Clarksville, Maryland

While serving an internship at Johns Hopkins, Ms. Kan performed research into healthcare inequalities among minority groups, even presenting her findings at a medical conference. This inspired her to take an active role in the field of public health, founding a health fair called CHOICE (Coalition Halting Obesity in Children Everywhere). This brought together dozens of exhibitors — ranging from nonprofits to private corporations — along with free health screening. She also served on a county-level public health committee.

Ms. Kan received a full scholarship to Harvard.

Anvita Gupta, BASIS High School, Scottsdale, Arizona

Ms. Gupta combined an interest in computer science with a passion for biology by creating software that automatically identifies medications for diseases like cancer and ebola, thereby boosting research into new drugs.

Her achievement won her several high-level science prizes, including a presentation at the White House Science Fair. She also gained entrance to Stanford (computer science and biology).

As if that wasn’t enough, Ms. Gupta was struck by the dropout rate of girls in her AP computer science class, with three-quarters of the girls leaving the course. So she founded LITAS, a computer science club for middle school girls. The club, which is designed to increase female participation in STEM fields, has won sponsorship from Google, among other high-profile organizations.

Toward a Better Understanding: Dyslexia

Reading is a vital skill; it’s hard to imagine doing well in school, or in life, when reading and writing are a struggle. Yet people with dyslexia deal with this every day. It makes school more difficult, it makes socializing more difficult, an…

Helping Kids Deal With Disasters

Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Harvey. The Boxing Day tsunami. The Japan earthquake and tsunami. Wildfires, winter storms, terrorism, on and on and on. Terrible things happen in this world, people suffer, and among the hardest-hit, whet…

Helping Kids Face Up To Disasters

Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Ima. Hurricane Harvey. The Boxing Day tsunami. The Japan earthquake and tsunami. Wildfires, winter storms, terrorism, on and on and on. Terrible things happen in this world, people suffer, and among the hardest-hit, wheth…

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