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Summer Reading Challenge

Want to join our 2017 Summer Reading Challenge?
Summer is quickly approaching and Tutor Doctor has an exciting challenge for you! This Summer Reading challenge is a fun way to keep up your reading skills while also having the chance to win a prize!

Summer Reading Program Description

  • 10 widely-available & popular grade-level appropriate books are available for each level
  • Students are to read 3 to 5 books depending on their grade level
  • Students will complete a brief questionnaire/report for each book & e-mail the reports to Tutor Doctor
  • Once a student has completed the number of book reports required for his/her grade level, he/she will be e-mailed an attractive program completion certificate
  • The student will also be entered into a drawing for each age group to win gift cards or other prizes

Call us today 321-428-0548 to get started or fill out the form below

Join Our Summer Reading Challenge

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